Buying a Rabbit

If you are considering buying a Rabbit for a pet there are a number of important points to remember.

What questions should I ask?

There are lots of questions you should ask the breeder before you buy a bunny.

Is this rabbit suitable for my family and circumstances?

Talk to several breeders about the rabbits that are available so that you get the one that is most suitable for you

What will I need to have or do before I can get my bunny?

The breeder can advise you about the most suitable hutches to use and the food and equipment you will need before you bring you bunny home.

Has this bunny been handled much? Were its parents friendly, happy healthy bunnies?

Is the hutch they are in clean with plenty of food and water? A clean well fed bunny is much more like to be healthy and vigorous.

Is this bunny healthy?

Ask to check the bunnies teeth and ask the breeder to explain teeth malocclusion to you. NEVER buy a bunny with maloccluded teeth—no matter how cute it is! You should check its ears for ear canker and make sure its eyes are clear and bright. You shouldn’t buy a bunny with runny eyes or nose or with noisy breathing as they may be signs of future illness problems.

What diseases can my bunny get?

Ask about RCD and Myxomatosis. Ask about vaccinations for RCD and how to protect your bunny against these diseases. The breeder can advise you on the best and cheapest vet you can go to for vaccinations. WARCI also has subsidised Vaccination days twice a year – in May and November.

Ask the breeder how to clip your bunnies nails.

Ask if your rabbit needs grooming.

If so ask to be shown how to groom properly. If you are buying a long haired rabbit the seller should be prepared to spend some time teaching you how to groom. You should also be able to contact the seller later if you are having problems grooming. We do not recommend that you get a long haired rabbit unless you are prepared to spend time grooming or have the bunny clipped regularly.

Will I get lifetime support and information from the Breeder?

If the breeder is a member of WARCI they need to abide by our code of ethics. This regulates the selling age, post sale support etc. Club Members must also sell you an Information booklet (printed by the Club) which has basic care instructions in it. They should also offer some sort of money back or exchange if there is a problem with the rabbit you buy.