Code of Ethics

When a person applies to be a member of WARCI, they sign the Code of Ethics and are obliged, as a member, to follow these rules.


Each member, upon signing an application for membership of the WARCI and being duly appointed to general membership of the WARCI, shall in addition to agreeing to be bound by the Articles, Rules and Regulations of the WARCI, be also bound by the WARCI Code of Ethics relating to responsible rabbit ownership including the keeping, welfare, breeding, selling and disposal of rabbits by members to the effect of terms and conditions set out:

 a) I shall ensure, that at all times, all rabbits under my care are properly housed, fed and watered and receive proper health attention if and when required.

b) I shall not knowingly allow any rabbit under my care to become loose, thus placing it in danger or creating a public nuisance.

 c) I shall enhance the reputation of Rabbit Fanciers by endeavoring to ensure that my rabbits are not a nuisance by way of odour or noise.

d) I shall breed for the purpose of improving the quality of my exhibition stock and not specifically for the ‘pet market’ yet I retain the right of free trading, to advertise directly and sell rabbits not kept for breeding purposes.

 e) I will be responsible in my breeding programmes in that I will not use deformed stock and will only use the stock necessary to improve the quality of the breed. I will show concern for my breeding does by not mating them before adulthood or too frequently.

 f) I undertake not to mate any of my rabbits to rabbits of a different breed unless working within a specific, documented breeding program and then I understand not to sell these offspring, or misrepresenting them as purebreds.

 g) I shall, when selling or otherwise transferring a rabbit from my care ensure:

  1. Any kit is at least ten weeks of age.
  2. That the person receiving the rabbit fully understands their responsibility for the care and welfare of the animal including diet, husbandry and housing requirements.
  3. That the person receiving the rabbit appreciates the responsibility of correct breeding from this stock.
  4. That the rabbit is free from any disease or deformity that could be reasonably expected to be found on examination.

 h) I shall not knowingly allow my rabbit, owned by me, to be sold or handled by any person, business or organization that has been proven to be substandard in regard to the welfare of any animal in their care.

 i) I shall not knowingly misrepresent the characteristics of the breed nor falsely advertise nor mislead any person with regard to my rabbits and their standards or pedigree.